Thank you for the income tax 1% offerings!


"According to our records, the expected amount of income tax offered to your organization in the year 2019 is totaling the amount of: 1,991,161 HUF."

This year, we were excitedly awaiting the September announcement to reveal the result of the personal income tax 1% offerings, which can be offered annually by individuals to NGOs, which is one of the mayor sources of funding of our association.

From this we can provide the equipment needed for the rescue, the spring-autumn trainings and the mid-year small exercises which also require resources, without which “the machine would not be able to run smoothly” when the emergency phone call comes in and you we have to go!

On the other hand, it is an extremely unpredictable revenue, depending on how many people vote for us in a given year and make the minimum administrative effort required to make on offer. Whoever does not do that, 1% of his income tax goes into the “big hat,” even though everyone would have a chance to support a good cause, and that would only take a few minutes a year. That is why NGOs don’t compete with each other for money, because a lot of them don’t take advantage of the opportunity of the offerings. Put your hand on your heart, did you offer it to any organization?

We want to share another story with you! We received an e-mail from David who wrote this to us, with the subject: “Instead of the 1% income tax”:

"Dear Cave Rescuers,

I would like to donate to help with your work by bank transfer (since as a self-employed person I don’t have a 1% offer). If I refer to the bank account number 16200137-00187628 given on the website, is that okay? "

There are such people like him, thank you David!