Sickness on top of "Hárs-hegy" (Linden hill)

Hárs-hegyi-rosszullét Magyar Barlangi Mentőszolgálat BMSz mentésOn 26th of May 2022 at 15:10, the Dispatch Control Center of the National Ambulance Service requested help from the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service. At the "Kaán Károly" Lookout at the top of "Hárs Hegy" above "Szépjuhászné", a popular hiking spot on the outskirts of Budapest, a 14-year-old girl became ill during a class excursion, and was unable to continue the hike or even to get down from the mountain on her own.

The incident did not happen in a cave, but as it turns out, we can be called in to help quickly on the surface as well. We knew the location well (the famous "Bátori cave" opens here), so we knew that it was accessible by an all-terrain vehicle.

The BMSz all-terrain vehicle unit went to the scene, picked up and escorted the National Ambulance Service doctor and nurse to the casualty. The young lady was given an IV fluid on the spot and was then transported by all-terrain vehicle to the ambulance waiting at the foot of the hill.

We wish you a speedy recovery!

Photo by András Jenő Nagy