We helped to an ankle injured lady

2019pbjeno1Shortly after 16:00 on May 1 2019, we received a request that a 25 year old lady had suffered an ankle injury over Pilisborosjenő on the side of Kevély-hill. It was a beautiful spring day and a Hungarian bank holiday, so many went on a trip to Pilis.

Starting from Pilisborosjenő, the young people hiked up to Nagy-Kevély, then came back down the red square tourist sign. The terrain is not easy here on the hiking trail, it leads between dusty dolomite gravel and more or less rocky terrain stairs, in many places you can only hike in narrow passages, elsewhere vegetation hanging on the road and fallen trees make the terrain difficult.

They were only a little more than a kilometer from the village border when the injury occurred while taking a big step.

The hikers asked for help from the National Ambulance Service and BMSz because of the difficult terrain. The Pilisvörösvár ambulance unit arrived at the scene, who professionally cared for the lady, fixing the injured leg in a rail.

2019pbjeno2After the care, our cave rescuers arrived and placed the patient in the special stretcher, then started the transport down the stony hiking trail. At half past seven we managed to reach the asphalt road on the outskirts of the settlement, where the ambulance also parked, from where they transported the injured person to the traumatology on duty.

The Hungarian Cave Rescue Service was present at the scene with ten people. The incident once again showed that the two ambulance organizations cooperated excellently, thank you very much to the National Ambulance Service!

Photos: Péter AdamkóMárton Kovács