Accident in Hárskút - we assisted the Bakonyi Cave Rescue Service

2019harskut1On Monday evening, July 8, there was an accident in Hárskút Cave.During one of the tours of the ongoing research camp, one of our caver friend lost his step under his feet while climbing, suffered a shoulder injury below the surface at a depth of about 40 meters and a good 200 meters away from the entrance.

His hiking companions immediately notified the Bakonyi Cave Rescue Service, who arrived at the scene with 17 cave rescuers and experienced cavers. 

The injured caveman was found in a satisfactory condition with good and stable vital parameters, but they also determined that the narrow passages of the new parts of the cave could cause difficulties in getting to the surface.

After assessing the condition of the injured, the Rescue Operation Leader of the Bakonyi Cave Rescue Service, who was performing the rescue, consulted with the Dispatch-on-duty of the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service and asked us for medical help. While a group of 4 people from the HCRS Central Hungarian Unit - including our doctor - reached the cave an hour later, those on site fixed the injured shoulder with the means at their disposal and began to expand the
narrowest passages.

2019harskut2The injured reached the surface at 23:25, where the National Ambulance Service transported him to Veszprém for the traumatology department. The injured caveman left the hospital after the treatment, and -according to the reports - he tried to cure himself after his injuries in the research camp the next day with his arm tied.

The Hárskút cave, according to the latest estimates of the research group, is about 2 km long, 120 meters deep "and still goes further" They also said that since Monday's action, it has not been so tight near the entrance…

Congratulations to the Bakonyi Cave Rescue Service for their successful and quick rescue operation, and we wish our injured friend a speedy recovery.


Photos: Márton Kovács